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Ike Mullan - Portland
Ike Mullan ~ Portland

"Some twelve miles east of Portland, Oregon and not far from the Columbia river in the vicinity of Troutdale and Gresham, is a very interesting farming section in which high yield truck crops prevail. Some sixty farms in this section are operated by Japanese, who farm on a larger scale than most other Japanese truck farmers in the coast regions. T. R. Mullan, out-in-the-country salesman for his father, Ike Mullan of Portland, has been quite successful in selling F-12 Farmalls to these Japanese. He is shown talking to Sam Tanaka, route 2, Troutdale, who with his brother operates a 130-acre farm. The tractor is shown in a big field of cauliflower.  -- Edwin A. Hunger "

Photo and text from The Harvester World: Volume 28, Number 11-12, November-December 1937

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