International Harvester Dealers of the Past

E. M. Rinde ~ Eugene
                            M. Rinde ~ Eugene

"James Brothers, who operate an 80-acre truck farm near Eugene, Oregon, and call it James Gardens, are intensive producers. Two crops, at least, on every bit of land in cultivation is the usual James procedure. An F-12 Farmall and a T-20 TracTracTor and various kinds of labor-saving tractor equipment fit in very nicely in this program of intensive production. E. M. Rinde, McCormick-Deering dealer of Eugene, who sold the two tractors, and Wm. Cifre (right), formerly of the Portland branch and now with International Harvester Export Company, are shown talking to William J. James, associated with his brother, Forrest James. -- Edwin A. Hunger "

Photo and text from The Harvester World: Volume 28, Number 11-12, November-December 1937

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